PlayersOnly NFT

The Past:

Until very recently, the only way to get more involved with the clubs and players was to either be a highly influential person yourself, be an early supporter, or just get lucky.

How have the Cryptoassets helped increase fan involvement?

1- Fan tokens: Well, giving every fan Bitcoin or Ethereum does not sound unique, right? There is no differentiation between the investors of cryptocurrencies and the fans of the clubs. So, the clubs partnered with various crypto firms to develop fan tokens.

The Solution: PlayersOnly

This is where PlayersOnly offers a great solution. Accessing various sports-related NFTs on its platform makes it easy for fans to be part of the sport. By using the native PlayersOnly token on their platform, you will be able to buy the various NFTs out there. Additionally, as this is a sports social media platform, you can interact with other fans. Ultimately,this helps every sports fan feel like they are surrounded by like-minded people and brings them closer to each other.




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